Vever presents in Marbella its new jewelry collection with Gómez & Molina

Vever and Gómez & Molina Joyeros have held an exclusive event: the first in Spain of the revolutionary French jewelry firm, in which its latest creations have been presented in the renovated establishment of the jeweler in Marbella, with the presence of Camille Vever.

Jun 25, 2024 | Magazine

Gómez & Molina Joyeros opens with this exclusive event the summer season that will be animated by a series of presentations of jewelry and watches in their stores in Marbella and Puerto Banús.

This special event was attended by about thirty customers and friends of the jeweler of the Costa del Sol, who discovered, first hand, the new creations of the fine jewelry house founded in 1821 in the French city of Met by Pierre-Paul Vever. With a rich artisanal heritage, masterfully combined with a constant quest for innovation, Beber embodies French elegance and exceptional savoir-faire.

The Vever firm, which closed its doors in 1982, was reborn in 2021 under the new leadership of Camille & Damien Vever, members of the seventh generation. Although the house has been a pioneer of modernity since 1821, it was at the end of the 19th century that it initiated a true aesthetic revolution, renewing the codes of jewelry through the Art Nouveau movement. This artistic current marks the beginning of the modern arts. It was characterized by the rejection of the neoclassicist and romantic styles; instead it proposed sinuous forms, fluid and organic designs inspired by the natural world, with curved, dynamic and asymmetrical lines and the use of modern materials such as iron, glass and ceramics.

Vever presented his creations at international fairs between 1889 and 1925 and won five prestigious awards. Vever’s clients included Empress Eugenie, Tsar Alexander III, the Shah of Persia, the Japanese Prime Minister, Prince Tokugawa Lesato, French President Sadi Carnot, American industrialists and personalities from the arts and entertainment industry, such as Sarah Bernhardt and La Belle Otero.

Since 2021, when Camille and Damien Vever relaunched the family business and being fundamental for them to perpetuate these values of innovation and modernity, anchored in Vever’s DNA, the Maison is living a new era. In these three years, the company has fourteen points of sale established in ten countries.

And is that Vever is one of the legendary jewelry houses that appear in all publications in the history of jewelry that from now on can be admired and purchased in Gomez & Molina jewelers.


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