The creativity of ECH Jewelry lands in Marbella with its inimitable modular jewels.

The high jewelry firm ECH Jewelry previews its latest creations during an evening with clients at the Gómez y Molina Joyeros store in Marbella.

Jul 11, 2024 | Magazine

Guests were able to see first-hand the creations of ECH Jewelry, a Barcelona-based fine jewelry firm with a global vision that fuses art, engineering and contemporary art.

Founded by Elena Chernyavskaya in 2018, ECH redefines luxury through modular, gender-neutral designs crafted in Spain and Italy. Embracing a dialogue between wearer and creation, ECH invites customization and adaptability with its modular ‘Screw System’ technology.

Inspired by insects, their designs defy conventional standards of beauty, transforming overlooked creatures into exquisite pieces of art. Made with traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques, ECH Jewelry embodies a harmonious blend of past, present and future.