presents its jewelry in the Gómez y Molina space in Marbella.

The Made in Italy jewelry firm previews its latest creations during an evening at the recently renovated Gómez y Molina Joyeros store in Marbella.

Jul 10, 2024 | Magazine

The jeweler of the Costa del Sol and unquestionable reference of luxury in Spain has celebrated one of its countless events that enliven the social and cultural life of Marbella’s summer.

On this occasionthe star was the firm, whose jewelry is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, where attention to detail and passion for design come together to create pieces that not only adorn, but tell stories of timeless beauty.

His collections, in which earrings and diamonds play a leading role, are characterized by multiplying in infinite combinations. These are modular creations that connect people through personal expression.

The jewelry, metamorphic and customizable, are designed to be lived in every occasion, illuminating all facets of the wearer’s personality. Designed ad hoc, they are manufactured in select workshops, the repositories of a wise goldsmith and manufacturing tradition.

Each of its components is eco-sustainable. From packaging to biodegradable sponges, from ink to boxes: all the materials chosen to contain and distribute the products respect nature and its resources. In addition, has chosen to go paperless, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of paper.