Gómez & Molina Joyeros inaugurates new temple of luxury in Spain

The renowned company inaugurates its emblematic boutique in Marbella with a look that combines tradition and modernity and breathes luxury.

Feb 14, 2024 | Magazine | 0 comments

Luxury in the jewelry and watchmaking sector is in a growth phase and Gómez& Molina Joyeros finds at this time the perfect opportunity to inaugurate its renovated boutique in Marbella, an enclave where this family business founded in 1969 has become a true benchmark of luxury in Southern Europe.

Gómez y Molina, privileged ambassador of luxury watches, announces the opening of its emblematic boutique in Marbella, at Avenida de Ramón y Cajal, 15, designed by the architect IñigoAmézola, founder of the architecture, consulting and strategic design firm Principia Desing.

When architect Iñigo Amézola was commissioned to remodel one of Spain’s legendary jewelry stores, it was clear to him that this was not going to be just another project. The Gómez y Molina Joyeros store, located on the central avenue and one of the entrances to the old town of the famous Costa del Sol city, posed not only a technical and design challenge, but also had to be intimately linked to the city. The result is a space that breathes luxury, created to live experiences and enter in a unique way in the jewelry and watchmaking universe, a claim today by consumers, who return to the stores to disconnect and enjoy. Without going any further, the façade represents a classic jewelry box made of stone, steel and aluminum foam that stands out, without a doubt, for its closing system and spectacular awnings; an alliance between ancestral construction techniques and the latest technology, thus combining tradition and modernity.

Thus, this space stands out for its 40 linear meters of showcase and the surface of the store, 250 square meters divided into three floors: the street level with 120 square meters is a large and bright space with five sales tables and a waiting area; the second floor houses an open exhibition space of 55 square meters; and finally, the basement houses the administration offices and a modern jewelry and setting workshop.

As for the furniture, designed in lacquered wood by Principia Design studio and illuminated by the Italian firm IGuzzini, it perfectly conveys that feeling of luxury and sophistication and, at the same time, tranquility and visual freedom. The Teulat chairs also stand out, with pure lines and very comfortable. The hand of Fabiola Mora, interior designer and project coordinator, has been key in the execution of the project. It is worth mentioning that the first floor of the boutique hides a great secret, and it is that is adorned with the only vertical garden in the old town of Marbella. designed by the Costa Rican company Agrojardin using the Urban Therapy phytotextile system developed and patented by the University of Seville.

The combination of wooden walls, lacquered in black and gray tones from the automotive industry, as well as ultramodern materials such as aluminum foam from Canada also characterize the interior of the jewelry store, which, as a continuation of the exterior, forms a harmonious space where everything has been studied: furniture, lighting, surround sound, even an olfactory signature created for this establishment.